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Our Mission

To empower communities by increasing the awareness and acceptability of Ycash, a permissionless blockchain for value transfer and wealth accumulation. works closely with the Ycash Foundation to contribute to equal opportunity in an open financial system.  We promote Ycash because it provides global citizens with the tools and technology to build, manage, secure, and selectively disclose their wealth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ycash the same thing as Bitcoin or Zcash?

No. Ycash is built on Bitcoin and Zcash code, but Ycash is it's own chain network.

Does the Ycash Foundation run or fund website, campaigns, or promos?

No. is independent; and campaigns are self-funded.

If the Ycash codebase is so similar to Zcash or Bitcoin, then why is Ycash needed?

Bitcoin has a privacy weakness. Some say it is like Twitter for your financial transactions (i.e. anyone can see amounts, change, sender, recipient). Zcash and Bitcoin both have a distribution problem in that new coins go to only a few miners because of specialized hardware.

Ycash solves for the privacy and the distribution issues because of commitment to Proof of Work mining on commodity hardware (i.e. gpus and cpus vs ASICs or FPGAs).

Where can I buy Ycash?

You can find a list of exchanges at CoinGecko. Or Learn more at

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Important Dates

Next Halving

November 2024

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