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First Ycash Shaka Photo Contest: October 23!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

True to form, the YcashBuzz team is launching the first Ycash Shaka Photo Contest.

Why the Shaka?

The Ycash logo is literally the sign-language "Y", but it also happens to be the Shaka sign--which is often interpreted as "hang loose", or "just relax", or "pura vida", or "right on"; and it is “a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and [Californian] surf culture”. Given the political tensions in the world right now, in our YcashBuzz view, there is no better sign than the Shaka to signal solidarity in the idea that everything will be ok. As we saw recently from efforts by the Refugee Empowerment Project-- "Humans helping humans in times of crisis" --those who can help... should help if they feel inclined to do so... and we remain positive that others will follow our lead and step up to help.

The Shaka is a symbol of love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy.

No better time to share that than today!

Contest Details

Over the 4 weeks leading up to the Ycash reward halving (occurring on November 18th), post your best Shaka photos on Instagram or Twitter with the #YcashBuzz, and each Friday our team will choose one winner. You must use #YcashBuzz in your post!

In addition to some Ycash swag**, the award schedule for the individual winners will be as follows:

  • October 23rd: 100 YEC or $10 CashApp

  • October 30th: 200 YEC or $10 CashApp

  • November 6th: 300 YEC or $10 CashApp

  • November 13th: 400 YEC or $10 CashApp

You will need a Ycash Wallet to claim your YEC prize.

1) Post your Shaka Photos, 2) tag us, and 3) use #YcashBuzz:

Instagram: @ycashbuzz


Twitter: @YcashBuzz

Good Luck! And you can post as many as you'd like; so it is possible to win multiple weeks!

YcashBuzz Team

**We're only shipping swag to continental US right now

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