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First Ycash Swag giveaway: October 16th!!

Our friends over at just published a fantastic article explaining the upcoming Ycash halving. Please give that a read here:The First Ycash Halving

Quick recap:

--New issuance of Ycash reduces to only 3,600 per day on November 18th, 2020.

--Every 2.5 minutes the reward will be 6.25 YEC instead of 12.5 YEC.

Ycash super fans, AKA "Yodlers", need to have some swag to celebrate this event!

So, the YcashBuzz team is announcing a giveaway today!

Follow us on Twitter @YcashBuzz, like, and retweet the announcement.

Or follow us on Instagram @ycashbuzz and like our announcement.

On Friday, October 16th we will be announcing (at least) 5 winners! **

Each winner will receive a Ycash T-Shirt, some Ycash Koozies, and a Ycash Cell Phone Wallet.

Royal Blue shirts are Youth sizes only, so we've got your Kids covered too.

Spread the word!!

YcashBuzz Team

**We're only shipping swag to continental US right now, but for those who are outside the US, you can still participate! We believe fair value for YEC is well above $1 USD; therefore, each winner outside the US will receive 100YEC instead... or we can make a donation to Ycash Foundation on your behalf.

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