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"Humans helping humans in times of crisis" -REP

In our first post, we stated that the leading entities of Ycash are committed to help bring equal economic opportunity to marginalized populations. As we continue to search for partners that share this vision of empowering others, one organization stands out to us as an emerging leader with significant potential to make an impact on a global scale:

The Refugee Empowerment Project (REP)

REP is a student-led NGO that seeks to provide a holistic response to the needs of refugees by leading community orientations (for acculturation), organizing fundraisers and drives for essential goods, facilitating an English mentorship program, and providing a Mental Health Resource program. Given that the organization is still in their first year of operation, we find the network of their Team and Global Ambassadors to have a commendable reach. They already have representation around the world, including USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Slovakia, and Argentina.

In September, a Ycash Buzz member stumbled upon a posted sign for a REP drive for essential goods, and we jumped at the opportunity to help out because we believe in this cause. REP says it best on their website: "Humans helping humans in times of crisis." That's a message that we can get behind.

We realize that we are just scratching the surface of helping those in need, but the Ycash Buzz team was happy to put together these kits, and we are hoping to scale our efforts in the future. We encourage our Ycash, Zcash, and crypto communities to learn more about REP and the refugee crisis to which they are responding.

There are a few ways to support these efforts and get involved:

Follow on Instagram: @refugeeempowermentproject

Donate at The REP Go Fund Me

Purchase Bulk Essential Goods: REP Drive Item Links

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