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There are few things sweeter than honey; we believe that Ycash is one of them!

What is Ycash? Well... Ycash is technically a digital currency that was created on July 18, 2019. Credit where credit is due...Ycash is a software and chain "fork" of Zcash; and Zcash is a combination of Bitcoin code and a proof technology that allows for more private transactions. Ycash stands on the shoulders of these two giants, but it also adds the commitment to a more equitable distribution of assets through a commitment to mining on commodity hardware.

Ycash is more than a digital currency though; it is a symbol and mechanism of equal-opportunity; it is a network and a community of people who believe that everyone should have control over the transparency of their financial transactions and holdings. So today, we are introducing, a fun new site where more people who believe what we believe can learn more about Ycash and the community. We want to raise awareness for (what we believe to be among) the best technology for selective disclosure of financial transactions, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation.

As awareness and interest for Ycash grows, you will be able to check back here for promotional items, exciting campaigns, community outreach, and Ycash partnerships.

The leading entities of Ycash are committed to help bring equal economic opportunity to marginalized populations; therefore, we will be searching for partners among organizations that serve the following groups:

  • The Homeless

  • Persons Living in Poverty

  • Felons

  • GLBT

  • Senior citizens

  • Racial/Cultural minorities

  • Military Combat Veterans

  • Persons with Physical or Cognitive Impairments

  • Gamblers and Substance Abusers

  • Autism Spectrum Persons

  • Refugees

We also acknowledge that the Ycash community is young-at-heart, spirited, active, fun, hip, and forward-looking; therefore, we will also be searching for partners with whom we think natural synergies will yield mutual benefits.

So, please enjoy the site and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our news, events, and giveaways!


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